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We have fieldforce of about 1,000 interviewers who work for us on a fairly regular basis, controlled by a network of regional supervisors across the UK.
Whilst we have good long-term relationships with our interviewers, Quality Control is essential, so we carry out extensive verification and authentication of every interviewer's work, followed up with feedback as and when necessary.

Online Research

Collecting data on the Internet can be very effective for quick turnaround of normal consumer samples.  It is also very useful and cost-effective for hard to find people.
We are also finding applications where the development of 0nline communities is the way to go.

Instant Customer Feedback

The increased availability of Tablet devices and broadband access have allowed us to start to offer a service which promises much for companies who care about customer service. Live reporting/monitoring with an extremely rapid full results service are no longer a dream, they are a reality.


The rise of social networking has highlighted the benefits that can be derived from the creation of online communities. Many clients have databases, email addresses or even just simple contact details, but have done little or nothing with them.
We can help. We can set up on-line communities with interactive message boards, forums, mini surveys, polls, links to bigger surveys, news etc. The overall effect is a combination of consumer involvement and attitudinal observation that can be invaluable.

Data Processing

Competitive costs on your in-house data processing needs.
Market Measures provides a data processing service that compares well with the speed and cost of using specialist data-processing bureaux.
If you have a large number of questionnaires that need handling, we are happy to meet your requirements right from the simple production of a readable datafile to a more complex coding, data entry, tabulation, modelling & statistical analysis.

Statistical Analysis

Most research projects stop at simple analysis. However, often a mine of information can lurk just beneath the basic results. We are increasingly being invited to take pre-existing data sets and turn them into something fresh and interesting.
Whether you have an existing data-set that you feel that you need to get more out of, or you want to commission a project specifically with us, we promise to bring a wealth of experience to the analysis.

Key Contacts

If you're interested in learning more about this service, please contact: