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PricePoint is our advanced pricing research system. Drawing upon interviewing techniques that appear close to Brand/Price Trade-off, PricePoint makes use of a much wider range of inputs and a ‘choice processing engine’ that generates much more accurate volume forcasting than other statistical modelling or other conjoint approaches.
The main output from these surveys is an interactive pricing model running in Excel. Any number of prices, distribution figures and various other inputs can be manipulated. Results predict volume and share of choices for both the total sample and any set of sub-groups of interest.


Not just a flat descriptive process, but a genuine analysis tool that helps identify the direction your brand should take - as well as observing and describing the current market place.
Combining awareness, use profiles/occasions, value/needs, price and brand beliefs our interactive consumer models will take you one step further.


We generally prefer to provide volume estimates using our PricePoint system, but where necessary we can generate volume forecasting using a combination of database ‘norms’ and competitive choice processes built into questionnaires. Normally such calculations are bolted on to conventional Concept and Product tests.


Finding the number and balance of different products to include within a range is not an easy process. However, our system which dredges through ALL the logical possibilities is cutting edge in terms of the usability of the output.
Our Optimax system has been employed in a wide range of situations - from identifying the best 6 fragrances out of 30 to achieve maximum reach and volume, to store space optimisation by retailers.
Distantly related to TURF Analysis, our approach goes further in terms of analysis and accessibility of its outputs.
As well as solving one-off ranging issues, Optimax can assist programs designed to refresh product ranges on a regular basis.

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