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Concept Testing

This category covers a variety of project types and approaches. The two most common are:
Concept Evaluation tests - usually one or more concepts presented singly or in a sequence
Concept Screening - a much larger number of concepts to be tested to find the best of the bunch
Like many of our competitors we keep databases of ‘norms’ against which tests can be evaluated - but unlike some companies we do try to make sure the evaluation compares like with like. Often this process is backed up by playing purchasing ‘games’ with respondents - providing decent volumetric estimates without all the usual expense.

Product Testing

From single occasion tests in-home or at Central Locations to longer term product trials and sequential placements.  We are used to implementing testing designs of great simplicity and great complexity in all kinds of product areas.  Food, drink, beauty products, baby products, electrical goods etc. 
Product Testing Panels, internally or externally drawn, are a good way of getting quick responses.

Promotions Testing

Promotions are an integral part of the marketing mix.  They can have positive or negative long-term impact on a Brand, so it is important to research them well.

Pack Research

Packaging can have a real effect on sales, by attracting attention to the product, or maximising the consumer experience of a product.  We can use Shelf Tests, Eye-Tracking to assess the impact of "real" packs.  Pictures of packaging can now be easily embedded in internet surveys.

Key Contacts

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