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U&A studies for the 21st century

A U&A need not be just a flat descriptive process.  It can become a genuine analysis tool that helps identify the direction your brand should take - as well as observing and describing the current market place.
Combining awareness, use profiles/occasions, value/needs, price and brand beliefs our interactive consumer models will take you one step further.


Whether the segmentation is based on demographic, geographic, behavioural or psychographic variables, it can help you to start to see your market with new eyes.
Segmentation studies can be carried out as free-standing exercises or can be added to other forms of research at a minimal additional cost.
In addition to all the analysis needed, we can generate segmentation algorithms for use in other surveys.

Customer Satisfaction

Continually monitoring levels of customer satisfaction has never been more important. Both the idea that retaining customers can be as effective as striving to find new ones and the increasing realisation of the power of ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing, make a knowledge of customer satisfaction levels absolutely critical to the success of most businesses.
Surveys can be tailored around specific needs and budgets, but will contain a core of questioning techniques that Market Measures has developed over a substantial period of time.
Reporting is also tailor-made, can be virtually instantaneous and features options like ‘dissatisfaction alerts’ and consumer recalls.

Employee Satisfaction

For many clients, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand. For some, we carry out both types of survey at the same time - especially where employees and customers can be tied to individual branches. For banks and building societies for example, this linking process can work well.
Where a simpler approach is required we design the appropriate survey for the structure of the organisation. Sometimes this may involve mixed methodologies - perhaps a combination of on-line, paper and telephone interviews. All can be seamlessly integrated into unified reporting - along with branch/team scoring schemes etc.

Key Contacts

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